This is the original 3.5 version that I have translated into 4E. It starts with the group graduating from Morgrave University in the great city of Sharn, Southern Breland. Our earstwhile heroes are taking a much needed rest after clearing out the Orcs from the Temple of Talon. And have recovered the Jade Chalis. Manifred(our “licensed lockpicker”) gets a letter from a cousin stating that there has been some trouble at home (Kingsholm). His family is being held responsible for the looting of the city’s cemetary. In part due to the fact that someone is trying to fence back the stolen ring of the local magistrate’s(Ian Turbrand) grandfather. They have showed up after two cemetary sentinals and a local family Yurlin (father and two daughters) have not returned from the masolium. They are a half day overdue. Manny grew up with Ian and gets him to lay off his family by promising to go to the cemetary with his friends and check it out.

Well We find our happy troop deep underground in the Forgotten Kings Barrow. They have defeated or negotiated their way past all obsticals and are now trying to decide just how much they should trust that rat faced rogue. Something about him puts our cleric on edge. Which is hard to do considering just how much our young cleric drinks.

The Barrow of the Forgotten King TMT