The Barrow of the Forgotten King TMT

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Ok then the story thus far….our heroes have approched the cemetary and were set apon by 2 wolves and a young worg. They found the bodies of the two guardians out front. It looked like an epic battle had taked place. Especialy after the wolves got through with the bodies. The heroes found signs of others, strange arrows but no bodies. They entered the masolium and down stairs to where the Yurlings were getting ready to bury their loved one. There they found the ealdest daughter laying on one of the tables appearently blugeoned to death and her father laying on a table across from her with a large gaping slash on his chest. The room had been destroyed, crypts broken into and their contents strewn across the floor. As the party of heroes investigates deeper into the room the bodies of the two Yurlings rise up and attack. Skeletons with bows sneak up behind our heroes and the battle ensues. Or heroes fight well and defeat all the undead. As they are searching the masolium they hear banging comming from a crypt that has been nailed shut with pitons. prying open the door they discover Tyra Yurling the yougest daughter who some how managed to escape the attack but climbed into the crypt where she heard a male tell someone to nail it shut,leaving just enough room for her to breathe. He wanted her to die slowly. The Pcs are going to escort her back to Kingsholm and advise the local gov. of what has transpired. Orsik , Morigan and Lothaire all find short bows with arrows (10each) Orsik found 2 +1 flaming arrows. Illustra has the key ring from the door way leading down to this room. the heroes are going to take 3 everburning torches to explore whats underneath.



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